Monday, January 17, 2011

Posting just To feel GOOD

Really, there's nothing good on this trade, except the profit and the patience :)
Cleaned up last week losses. Still Having first week red to be taken care of, then I'll be back to business.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And It Failed Today

I suspect there're reversal comin. Too many green bar. The Big Money is entering, the swing was too wide.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Holy Grail Continues...

Heaven for scalpers, 10 pips on every signal result 30 pips in this quiet market.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Even Chopped Market...

I made green on currency, red on every others. I hate ES so deeply that I can't imagine who can make money from this tickers. Anyway London Session today had a very quiet day with 60+ pips range. So if you're a scalper, take a look at the chart. After every green bar (marked it) had a tendency to move. It means if one candlestick made a 512 ticks in less than 90 seconds, it green. What's the meaning? It means 512 ticks in short period of time shown big money there. Excpet the news, green bar on quiet market surely made attention. At least 15-45 pips movement was valid today. Strange indicator? It's one of the most logic indicator on the chart. Let's see, big money comin. The leave trail as a green bar. Sudden move on chart means something. Either up or down, it wants to move. Nobody put big money expect to wait 1 hour more until the price move. We all want movement immediately. So that's how the Green Bar worked.

This things great for scalper profit. Just wait the green bar, enter either short or long on every breakout, placing SL, good to go. After exit, wait another green bar. SImple and clean. But I am a directional/swing trader. So this method won't do much good for me.

You can backtested and the result may surprise you. 10-15 pips was easy. Just wait, enter, end of day. Have a great life out there :)

Worked with any other like Crude Oil...or ZS (chart below) I just using today's chart. Previous day will do the same. If u thought u can missed since green bar may move very fast u can entry after yellow bar (90 seconds).

Or GBP...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sorry For No Update + Bonus Sharing

I had 3 consequtive losses day. That's not the first. But it's surely very depressing. I'll update my journey after things got better.

Meanwhile I'll share my findings about chopped day. I am a trend trader. I scalp my losses, swing my profit. I never found sucesful trader which is a counter-trend. This tips useful for day trader who profiting from trending or at least moving price.

Ninja Trader With Zen Fire
Time Histogram

Period: 512 Ticks Chart
Time Histogram : Green Bar for <= 60 seconds

As u can see, after the first green bar price was moving. The logic behind this are there're sudden surge on ticks means high chance there're big money comin. But there're rules for this method like: No used at news, since it's obvious the news will surged the tick. And also after the fiirst green bar and followed by lot of green bars it's no used since big money coming gradually. Except after green bar lot of reds then green again, this method still valid.

You may not profit instantly after seeing the green bar, but the chance are much higher the market will breakout. Maybe one or two stopped out and we're good to go

You can backtested and see for yourself. For the trading method, you can used every lagging indicator in the world and follow the signal, result may be better than blindly entering on chopped market. You even can use the green bar for entry since it's signal of sudden moving price though I never research it deeper.

It's also can use as volatility measurement. If there's lot of green bar then market was in volatile mode. Expect wide and wild swing after that.

As far as I go, the movement after those green bar appeared may 30 ticks (minimum) from hi-lo. U can expect getting 10-20 ticks.

Hope this sharing become useful and every comments are gladly welcome.

PS: I learnt from the past that the more I shared about trading tips/wisdom, the more I make good trading. Is it karma :) ?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday : Disaster!!!

Okay, first I lost control, then I fought against the trend, then I missed lot of good trades. Result: Not yet counted, but scary losses.

Now, I'll reboot my technique.

1. Fibonacci involved, this way I may reduce my trades zillions times.
2. Non currency trade activated.

I flashback my trades, there's LOT OF FAILED SETUP. I mean, wtf....Today, I counted 4 consequtive failures. That's 40 ticks!!! So I decided I will trade with fibonacci. Entering at pullback and just one direction after it prove otherwise. With this method, I will reduce my trade A LOT. I may trade sober now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday: Big Damn Lucky

Nett Profit : +15 ticks

I didn't put my SL today, I had bias. Worst, I listened to others about market direction. Lucky all of them were right. Next time there maybe $2000 loss on single trade. Back to my old trusted system now, though yesterday was tough day even for my system.

I was punished glued to screen from 03.00 am - 03.00 pm EST, 12 hours straight for $51 profit.